Business Opportunity

Monetize your assembly results.

You do have roofing system assembly results according to standard CSA A123.21-14, why not making them profitable? Post them on a centralized referral system that gives you the visibility you need. Central roof reference is the reference standard on CSA123.21 that professionals use and allow you to maximize your return on investment.

The source of your results does not matter, as long as they come from an ISO 17025 certified laboratory for testing CSA-A123.21-14.

Procedure to publish your results on our website.

1- A report from an approved laboratory ISO 17025 and complies with the procedures issued by the CSA-standard A123.21-14.

1.1- The report must contain the following information :
a. The obtained result acceptable beyond the first level with the break sequence noted in the test stop
b. The rupture mode
c. The materials list delivered and a description of the order of installation
d. The securing means of each assembly element
e. An anchor pattern or accession of each element
f. A photographic report of the test and installation
g. The data sheets for each product part of the assembly
h. A list of products offered for equivalence with technical data
i. Test results ANSISPRI IA-2010 or equivalent (approved by an ISO 17025 laboratory)
j. In the case of mechanical attached assembly the test result ANSISPRI FX-1 2010 must be delivered (approved by an ISO 17025 laboratory)

According to the analysis requested equivalent materials, additional resistance results can be output object (ASTM D 1623-11 tests by an approved laboratory ISO 17025).

Therefore an official datasheet assembly may be issued, this form should be revised (Study sheet) 3 years after the date of the test, followed by a second revision (statically), 6 years after the date test and redo a more specific and comprehensive reassessment 10 years after the date of the test (verification audit materials and if components needed, redo a dynamic test costs to be adjusted functions of audit results).

Provide timely production and commissioning on the website.