The CSA A123.21 reference portal

Your CSA-A123.21 standard guide

CSA A123.21 standards is a problem, here is the expertise that you’ll be guided in this process. Starting with the minimum design strength that your building requires, by the choice of roofing system, the selection of materials, the installation method and the guarantee that all items adequately address the need for minimum requirements of the National Building Code Canada 2015, Central Roof Reference is the insurance of your choice.

Central Roof Reference is the central site for published results of the roofing system assemblies tested according to the nomenclature of CSA A123.21 standards.

Having been part of the SIGDERS group and integration of the latter to NBCC, CRT becomes your partner in achieving the Canadian roofing projects.

Standards Roofing work compliant

Therefore, to assist you in developing your roofing projects, all necessary information is grouped in one place to help make your roofing work in accordance with CSA A123.21 standards.

  • A minimum wind resistance calculator (Wind RCI)
  • The assembly’s data sheets of several manufacturers with the results of tested systems.
  • The list of equivalent products by systems
  • Assembly’s installation methods
  • Aassembly’s accreditation according to CSA A123.21 standards by certified laboratories

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A simplified search engine was designed to assist you in developing your roofing projects, it will allow you to see the results consistent with the test protocol as well as equivalent products, approved by a laboratory accredited to ISO 17025.