Our Services

The main objective of Central Roofing Reference is to assist you in developing your specific needs for each project by bidders portal normative and impartial information. You will be able to find :

  • Assembly’s approved according to your search criteria
  • The minimum required strength of the building to comply with CSA A-123.21.
  • The CSA A123.21 references necessary to meet the requirements of your project.
  • Discover the medium adding value to your projects.

Can help you better understand and act positively in your best interests in your roofing projects.

Manufacturers and factory owner

For the profitability of your test results

You have roofing system assembly’s results according to standard CSA A123.21 and you wonder how to let them know to the various Canadian stakeholders???

The source of your results does not matter, as long as they come from an ISO 17025 certified laboratory for testing CSA-A123.21.

Roofers and professionnals

To protect yourself and respect the normative requirements in force.

Using an assembly tested under the specification of CSA A123.21 standard and designed for the building you are working on.

Using the right product with the right installation method. The risk of error is reduced.

Real estate portfolio manager

To allow you to verify the accuracy of proposals received.

We offer advisory’s services on all aspects of CSA A123.21 and more …

Now that the standard has become law in some Canadian provinces, and that many different interpretations are conveyed for the purpose of commercialization of waterproofing systems.

Your trusted partner upon CSA A123.21 standards

  • This is where your clients and potential customers get informed.
  • This is the visibility you need.
  • This is the reference that professionals use.
  • You must be present and active in order to maximize your investments.