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Posted in Blog on Jun 19, 2022

Let me introduce myself, my name is Horace. I’ll be present from time to time on this platform to give you tips, tricks, advice and procedures to put forward in your project to allow you to determine, in this jungle that is the roofing industry, the right assembly to choose according to your needs and this… in complete neutrality.

My presence and my name in your landscape come without a doubt from the derivative of the search engine O-RAS (Roof Assembly search for our English-speaking acolytes) and (Recherche d’Assemblages de Système …de toiture… chuut! For our French-speaking acolytes)

As you know, the world of roofing is constantly changing and one of the latest requirements of the Canadian Building Code 2015 edition setting the wind uplift standard based on constant research by the NRC and of the SIGDERS group (Special Interest Group on Dynamic Evaluation of Roofing Systems) bringing together a large majority of industry stakeholders, all working to achieve stability and a standard on roofing application methods according to satisfactory criteria for everyone.

In this sense, the web search engine for CSA A123.21, O-RAS test results is at your disposal! It is available at the site http://crt-csa.ca/fr/assembly-search

Well, well, I hear you telling me that you are used to seeing the results via the manufacturer, or elsewhere, but here I am providing you with a summary as of today, which shows you that O-RAS is the only tool incorporating the largest number of test results in accordance with the CSA A123.21 standard. Table 1, constantly evolving, gives you a portrait of the advantages.


Tableau reference 22-06-19.jpg

Some sites list the test results according to the results obtained in the laboratory before reducing the safety factor of 1.5, others report results according to FM-4470 tests or do not include the types of anchors and their resistances. In addition, some tests are performed on steel decks of different gauges (either 33 or 40 ksi), which gives a distorted reference, if we do not pay specific attention to it!

Follow me regularly at www.crt-csa.ca/blog, I will write articles on some of these particular points in order to allow you to stay on the road!

New easy way to find the right roofing system for your particular roof according to the specifications of the National Building Code of Canada 2015 and this, in complete neutrality!

Come and see often, some new systems will be updated gradually, if you are not sure how to use it or if you are looking for something special not listed here, join us on ; info@crt-csa.ca

See you for the next article

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