Roofing projects coming !

Posted in Blog on Jan 02, 2018

Looking for a normative information platform in roofing domain?

To meet the demands of manufacturers with upcoming projects across Canada, their possibilities to conduct tests in different laboratories recognized in Canada and the United States. It is essential to be able to obtain, quickly and accurately, an assembly meeting the specific requirements of each roofing projects in a neutral and centralized in one place.

Few questions ask by the industry ?

Central Roof Reference !

Q : How to benefit Canadians fairly our CSA A123.21 test results? R : By a centralized approach via a search engine on a website mainly dedicated taking into account the values obtained by the online calculator Wind-Rci.

Q : A centralized website accessible for that and for who? R : It is accessible to the public, for validation purposes by architects, specifiers, contractors, manufacturers, managers, etc.

Q : How will it work? R : The first step will be to get the resistance to project’s assess, the values serve as a basis in the search engine, subsequently, the desired type of system, the type of adhesion/attachment and/or manufacturers, to finally get a short list of possible assemblies.

ONE PLACE TO FIND IT ALL Stop searching all over the web or in manufacturing, all will be at the same place.

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